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 It’s quite common for me to have doubt in my abilities with a camera whether it is shooting something I have for years (In my case Ice Hockey) or being asked to try shoot something new?

 I’m sure I’m not the only photographer to have this same crisis on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how many people you know stop you or comment on a Social media post to say that they like your photo of X, Y or Z? You still feel inside that you are not as good as Joe Bloggs Photography!

  This week I did something I have never done, I invited friends from my personal Facebook account to like both my Ice Hockey & Work Pages. The main reason for this was that back in September we lost an old school friend who died suddenly a month short of his 40th birthday. This shook myself & many of my school friends into action to re-connect with each other via social media & even met up for a few drinks. There were quite a few surprised raised eyebrows when I said I am a photographer & explained what I do.

   I’m not going to lie I was shocked how many jumped on board & had looked through my work & liked it!  My next thought was, OK? Let’s share some more stuff that I haven’t published so I delved into my archives & posted the images I took whilst I was working at the Wilton Classic & Supercars show in June that had been sat on my computer. So I trimmed down the 1700 images I had edited & posted 3 albums (one for each day I was at the event) & the “Likes” started coming in.

 There was a comment from a photographer from Essex on one of the albums that I responded & got into a conversation about the event, including a comment about my images. I thanked him & explained about me being my harshest critic, to which he said that I shouldn’t be as my images were “Stand out”.

 The comments he made really made me think “Maybe I CAN do this & do it well!!”


     So on my new buoyancy I decided to look at some of my wedding photography & put together an album to show some more of my capabilities.  Alas the my bubble was burst as I came across some images that I wasn’t pleased with & immediately picked up the phone to ring my good friend & Mentor Simon of Simon Ward Photography who said that EVERY photographer goes through it & it is a good thing as long as you know where to stop, as at the end of the day it’s the client’s opinion that matters not yours, of course the only way you improve at anything is to spot where you have made mistakes or see what to do differently next time. The important thing is not to give up & throw the towel in if you are passionate about your (in my case) art.

   So I’m not quite ready to throw the towel in yet, far from it!!

  On Sunday I am trying my hand at Baby portraiture for the 1st time by taking photos of my friends Grand Daughter that he never got the opportunity to meet.  I’m sure he will be there with us & having a giggle at me & my camera getting covered in Baby wee!

 I look forward to sharing the results soon!


 Until next time.......


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Getting up to speed Well here we are again, 4 games into the new season & my perennial self doubt is raising its ugly head!

 Every year for the last 5 seasons without fail & question my kit or my skill set & every year since the 1st I get reminded by folks that I do it every year!

 The trouble is over the summer you simply forget how fast the sport is (especially from between the benches) & how difficult it is to get into that groove of doing a Gretzky & knowing where the puck is going. A lot of the lack of fluidity & anticipation comes from the fact that until the new guys have settled into their new lines, you struggle to get a feel of how a break out is going to flow. Hopefully now the guys have started gelling I can get my Mojo back get the shots I want to capture.

  That said it’s great to be back again & Doug & the boys are producing some fantastic high tempo hockey again this season that will hopefully lead to us capturing some silverware in April. (c)GRANT KING


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Taking the weather with you Taking the weather with you


The last Sunday before August bank holiday Monday.  Always my favourite date on the calendar as we get invited by Disco Dion  & Emma Spencer to take the Sarum Stars cheerleaders  along to do a demonstration at their free charity family funday. 

 I always take my camera along to capture the kids in action for the FB page, this year however I had a message asking if it would be possible for me to capture the event. For  them? – Of course I said yes!

 The weather forecast was iffy to say the least but as Dion said “It never rains on Sunday Funday!” (Which is actually true!) so as the music got cranked up & the fun began, 1st with  Durrington Rangers FC, followed by Ignite Family Mixed Kickboxing.  Then the rain began to fall...... just in time for the Cheerleaders display!! Sadly this meant a major re-think of what they could do safely. Whilst discussions were going on DJ Dion did what he does best & got the arena rocking with fun & games. Until the rain subsided enough for the cheerleaders to do some sort of Demo.

   Durrington Rangers Demonstration   Ignite Kickboxing     (c)GRANT KING   (c)GRANT KING  

  The rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits & even a cramped Casa De Samba drumming display played under a Gazebo managed to gather a crowd!


 All in all it was another great event & game me the opportunity to shoot thinks I haven’t before in the way of Football & Kickboxing.

  Why not visit the FB page & keep an eye out for next year’s event! – I can’t recommend it enough!

 & a HUGE THANKS To Dion & Emma for having me join the team!! 





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The Off Season: Weddings, Supercars & chasing tractors Hello & Welcome to my new website & Blog!

  As you can see since the Ice Hockey season ended in April I've been a little busy behind the lens capturing lots of events & setting up my new website.

   Thanks to my Good friend Simon Ward ( I have had the opportunity to shoot two fantastic weddings for Emma & Joe and also Dani & Ian. Both were completely contrasting days, but so much fun to shoot! Also I had the opportunity to do some work for the Salisbury Big Business Event, covering a highly entertaining talk by Gerald Ratner, followed by covering the prestigious South Wilts Business of the year awards at Salisbury cathedral featuring a Glastonbury warm up live acoustic set from the band Texas.

  Emma & Joes Wedding(c)GRANT KING

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can't help but notice that I was at a small local event just up the road from me called Wilton Classic & Supercars . Where every year the most beautiful classic & Supercars gather in a garden party setting. This year the event was extended to a two day event & featured for the Ayrton Senna's, McLaren & Alain Prost's Ferrari F1 cars together for the 1st time since their infamous crash at Suzuka in 1990. I was there capture both show days & the Setup on the Friday. As well as covering the Monthly Breakfast meets throughout the summer at the house.


 The final event over the summer was The Durrington Village & vintage vehicle gathering as the official event photographer, where once again I was in my element with all the classic cars on display & Avoiding being run over by tractors!!

  Well I think that brings you up to date with my summer & now I just have to get things ready for the new Hockey season. I'll try & keep you up to date with what's going on & my thoughts on the upcoming season.



 See you all soon!

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