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Sheep jump over a hurdle during a raceMale performer dressed as a horse poses for cameraTV's John Culshaw on stage talking to crowdGB Hockey Gold medalists Helen & Kate Richardson-Walsh pose with 2 young fansstihl lumberjack competitor chops tree with axeSheep jumping over hurdleMale performet on stilts dressed as a horseBBC Country Live flagBBC Country Live site taken from a big wheelnutritionalist Rosie Millen speaking on Quilter Cheviot presents stageQuilter Cheviot's David Miller poses with Bake off winner Candice Brown & nutritionalist Rosie MillenBBC's Matt Baker gives a Thumbs upBBC's Matt Baker gives a wave to the cameraa Vulture in flight during a live displayBorder Collie relaxing on the grassQuilter Cheviot branded directors chair & shopping baga view across the pondsMitsubishi Promo staff shelter from the rainPromo staff dressed as a Dinosaur & a Bee dancing in the rainstihl lumberjack competitor chops tree trunk with axe

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