Back in 2013 I was carving out my photography business specialising in Ice Hockey & Automotive work. When one of my friends asked if I would be able to photograph their wedding?
As it was so far outside my comfort zone I politely refused. A year followed of being asked the same question sporadically eventually I succumbed.
After a month of intense research, I finally captured my friend’s big day not only was it a success, but it lit a fire inside me that I didn’t even know was there.
I found that day I absolutely love wedding photography & all that it entails. The relationships with my couples, the stunning venues I’ve been fortunate to have worked in. I love capturing wedding shots that will create lifelong memories and provide that "Ohh! I didn't see you take that?" response and creating lasting mementos of the big day.
6 years later & I am not only capturing my own couples’ weddings, but also on behalf of
I would love to come and capture your wedding or event. For more information please fill in our enquiry form at :-